Dear Noztrufriends! According to Mannvirkjastofnun, the lights that have come with lanterns and Christmas trees do not meet European standards. We are therefore recalling these lights and are working on a solution for those who have had them delivered with our products. We apologise for this. Best wishes, Team Noztra <3

Gift cards

We have gift certificates for sale at Grandagarði 14. You decide the amount of the gift certificate yourself - the gift certificates do not expire. By clicking on the button below, you can also buy electronic gift cards with a fixed amount.

We are located at Grandagarði 14, Vesturhöfn. There you can enjoy having a good time in a pleasant environment with family, friends, colleagues or by yourself.
we divided Noztra's opening hours according to age.
Hours for children under 7 are every weekday from 10-15 and on weekends and other holidays from 10-14. Other hours at Noztra are for ages 7 and up.
Please respect this when booking, so everyone can enjoy themselves as much as possible

Noztra is a creative workshop for yourself and for all of us.

You don't have to be an artist or have tried before.
You just show up, buy a ceramic object and enjoy painting with help and good advice from the staff.
Anyone can participate and the possibilities are endless.


For all occasions

Painting your own pottery can be the ideal entertainment for team building, a group of friends, a birthday, a date, etc. Book here on the "book a table" button or contact us at