Paint your own pottery in a creative workshop.

Wholesome, mindful, and inspiring activity for all ages.

Noztra – creative studio is a paint your own pottery workshop for both individuals and groups. Come and join us for a fun activity with friends, co-workers or family. We offer wine, hot drinks and first-class coffee.


You choose a ceramic item

You come and buy a ceramic item, the price of the item includes paint, tools, two hours in the workshop, glazing and firing. We offer excellent selection of cups, bowls, trays, statues, lanterns, etc. More than 150 product numbers.


Choose colors and tools

You choose the colors you want to use on our color bar. We offer a wide variety of colors. All colors and tools are included in the price of the ceramic item.


We take care of the rest

After having a great time creating your wonderful piece we take care of the glazing and firing in our kilns. 


You come and pick up 

A week after your visit, you can stop by and pick up your item. Home delivery out side of the city and abroad is an option.
If you can't finish your item in one visit, we offer one extra sitting at our place for two hours every weekday. After that, you can buy a seat for two hours at a time.