About us

Noztra is for everyone, for you, me and all of you

All ages can come and have a wonderful experience and enjoy forgetting themselves in creative work. How the process works, is that you come and buy a ceramic object ncluded in the price is the entire process, painting, tools, glazing and firing, and then of course about 2 hours of wonderful experience. The vast majority of our items are in the price range of 3,500 - 5,500.- e.g. cups, bowls, statues, etc. But we do offer cheaper things and more expensive objects.

You just need to let your imagination run wild and forget about the world for a while.

The staff is ready to help you with questions, strategies and good advice. Anyone can participate and the possibilities are endless.

Note that the price of the ceramic part includes

paint, access to all kinds of tools, two hours of fun experience, glazing and firing.